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Christine has been with Dr. Chen since the practice began in 1999.  Christine handles all insurance, finances and accounting while working very closely with the doctor, staff, and patients to ensure all aspects of orthodontic treatment, transitioning from initial consultation through completion are fully realized.  Her career has always been in some form of office administration until 1996 when she entered the dental field, and finally found her niche in 1997 in the specialty of orthodontics.  Christine loves her work and specializes in making everyone feel welcome and comfortable.  She particularly enjoys educating and encouraging patients and their families on the absolute importance of a healthy mouth and beautiful smile.  Christine lives on the coast in Pacifica with her son, dog, and rabbit.  Her faith is of paramount importance to her, and also has a passion for plants, flowers and orchids.  She loves music, children, and animals, and enjoys cooking and sharing time with loved ones and friends.

Elena came to us as an intern from the College of San Mateo's dental assisting program while expecting her first of three daughters in 2002.  She received her RDA certificate shortly after becoming a new mother, and has been with us ever since.  Elena is poised, polished and professional, and possesses a warm, pleasant manner.  She loves dental assisting and the life she shares with her husband, daughters, and family dog.  Elena’s interests include fun family activities and vacations, camping, sporting events, and the joys of a happy family life.

Nini became a patient of ours shortly after graduating from high school.  She then entered the dental assisting program at the College of San Mateo in the fall of 2007.  She also served her internship at our practice where she quickly discovered her passion for the field of orthodontics.  Nini joined our team on a part time basis after she received her RDA certificate in 2009.  She still works with us while continuing her education in general biology and hopes to one day become a dentist.  Nini lives locally with her family and enjoys reading, hiking, shopping and strong family ties.

We welcomed Elidia to our practice in March of 2014.  Although she had not had previous dental office experience, she learned the often hectic position of the front desk almost overnight.  She has excellent computer and people skills and quickly became familiar with our patients and their families.  Elidia is very positive and upbeat as she multitasks through our very busy days, and we can always count on her to keep us in happy spirits if we start to wilt.  Elidia is married with four children and lives on the peninsula.  She enjoys spending fun and quality time with her immediate and extended family, taking vacations, camping and having barbeques or parties when not at work.